You Matter

Posted by Brenda Yoho

If you have never heard, you matter before, let me tell you if you listened to the President of Illinois Principal Association, Dr. Marcus J. Berlin, tell you how you do, you would know you do! This young leader from Huntley High School is influential and powerful in his ability to speak.

As Dr. Belin addressed the room full of school leaders, he wanted to inspire them to know what they do matters. He shared he wanted every child to know that they mattered as well. A picture appeared on the big screen from his school of encouraging phrases and words, including a large print of; You Matter! This sign hangs in a hall where everyone passes. “I wanted everyone to see these words every day!”

The energy, passion, and authenticity in his message brought the “why” to all of us. The “why” we all do what we do each day for those we serve and why it matters! The why we matter! Educational leadership matters! When you show up with everything you have to give, those who receive it become all they can be!

It is not easy! No way! Leaders are standing after being pushed as hard as they have ever been pushed before! You matter! So proud of all the leaders who are working so hard each day!


  • Stay true to your values and beliefs
  • Take care of your mind, body, and spirit
  • Always seek to understand, find solutions and take action
  • Make every minute, moment, and Monday matter!
  • With so many spreading hate so quickly, why not say I love you to others with ease.

How can you help others know they matter? Would you please share one thing you have done or did to let someone know they matter? #YouMatter #Bethesolutiondaily

Thank you for being the solution daily IPA! Excellent leaders, you will find at the IPA. I am looking forward to seeing responses to #YouMatter. So important to help others understand the value we see in them! We need more positives!

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