World Read Aloud Day

Posted by Brenda Yoho

February 1st, 2023, is World Read Aloud Day! April 12th will be D.E.A.R. Day. Drop Everything and Read Day was created to celebrate U.S. author Beverly Cleary. These days are great to do with your classroom, school, and community.

This year marks the 13th anniversary of World Read Aloud Day. TeacherGoals is celebrating in style with a free virtual event. The two-hour session is jam-packed with read-aloud from four amazing authors, including New York Times best-selling authors Adam Wallace (How to Catch a Dinosaur) and Peter H. Reynolds (The Dot). By registering for their event, you will receive an activity book, a poster of the schedule, coloring book pages, and more. It begins at 11:00 am-1:00 pm EST on Wednesday, February 1st.

Sign up today – it’s totally free! Click here to sign up for the TeacherGoals World Read Aloud Day 2-hour LIVE Event!

Scholastic also has many resources, with many book choices you can select from to use to host a day for yourself. Many other resources are available to help you provide this opportunity to all our young and those young-at-heart readers to enjoy a great reading day.

5 Benefits of Reading Aloud in Your Classroom

  • Reading Aloud Builds Vocabulary. When we read aloud, students encounter new words. ... 
  • Reading Aloud Improves Comprehension and Active Listening. ... 
  • Reading Aloud Reduces Stress and Makes Us Happy. ... 
  • Reading Aloud Strengthens Fluency. ... 
  • Reading Aloud Can Improve Working Memory

Bonus** Reading Aloud lets us share together the joyful memories stories can bring!

Suppose I share with you why reading is so important to me. My parents did not know how to read. I did not experience the bedtime stories, having books read to me or experience all of those things families should be doing with children to enjoy reading.

Now, do not feel sorry for me. My parents purchased many, many books to fill up our home. Education was their priority, and they listened to me read daily. I am sure I made mistakes, but we enjoyed the time together as we looked at the pictures and talked about the stories. I worked hard in school to learn as much as I could about reading. It was not as easy for me as others, but they did not know my story. I was not letting anyone read it, either.

I hope you can sign up to join World Read Aloud Day! My grandson and I will be reading that day! We have story time each day, but we will change our schedule a little that day to see if we can catch a time to join in. He will be heading to Kindergarten next year, but we like reading stories! We may read a few of our own to record to share. Enjoy reading aloud every chance you can! Let us know if you have a reading day, and we would love to join in! We would be happy to share a few of our stories too!

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