World Book Day-Today April 23

Posted by Brenda Yoho

You are the author of your story each day. Please make the most of it! Be the solution daily in the world that needs you!

The words you write, speak and read are essential. The expressions and thoughts shared are all different. We may not agree, and most likely, we may disagree. However, this is why we have been given the power of choice.

We can choose what we read, say, and do. Most importantly, respect human beings each day. Eva Kor, who survived the Holocaust, taught me the lesson of respect instead of tolerance when we think of each human being in the world in which we live.

Differences are for each individual to choose for themselves, and when there is no harm to ourselves, we need not worry. There will never be a reason to worry about all of the differences to appreciate the world we live in. We can be ourselves and respect ourselves, others, and our world daily. It is when we choose to tolerate actions and words which do not reflect respect that we begin to lose all of the value of the humans in our world.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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