Do you have the school culture you want?

Perhaps you are looking for a speaker who understands the challenges that you and your staff face every day who can inspire them to make great strides towards a simple yet effective solution.


maybe you want someone to come in and work with your staff and give them the tools they need to create the school environment that they’ve been dreaming of.

That is what I specialize in.
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- Brenda Yoho

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Brenda's presence in a school setting radiates an infectious positivity and empathy that's instantly recognizable. 

Her approach to student redirection has become emblematic – after discussing a challenge, she poses a pivotal question: "Do you want to be part of the problem or the solution? The choice is yours." 

Often, the students themselves begin to ask this question, setting the stage for cooperative problem-solving and student accountability.

With over 25 years of experience and numerous speaking engagements, you have the confidence of knowing you're in good hands and will be working with a seasoned professional with an impressive track record.
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"I only have 2 rules!"
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