Words, Winds, and Whispers

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Each day brings us many opportunities. We will find many words in our days. Some days, we will find the winds blowing. On others, we will hear the whispers. It depends on how we see, hear, feel and think. Do you have roots that run deep? Are you easily pulled from the garden to wither away? What will the day bring to you?

Words, Winds and Whispers to bring all of us together.

Winds blow today

Winds of change blow from day to day

Whispers of a voice to speak to your heart

Listen to the sounds of the rhythm it brings

It may be a sign of what it will be today

Calmness in the winds brings peace your way

A beautiful breeze to welcome the sun to start

Dazzling bursts of color paint the sky as it springs

Is this the sign of what it will be today

A cloud moves by and another comes to stay

The winds bring change, will the clouds stay or part

Winds blow stronger, the birds try to move their wings

Is there a storm happening today

Silence fills the air, a voice I can hear say

Let your heart not be troubled, but it is time to depart

You have a path, a purpose, work and many other things

In the eye of any storm or calmness it is time to do today.

Spread your wings like the bird and fly today

Let the winds that blow take you to do your part

In all of the work, things and messages on your heart

It is in all of the work, messages and things

Being part of the solution will bring today

"I only have 2 rules!"
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