WHY Not?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Today, I discovered looking at old pictures; I did not recognize many things at first. Then, all of a sudden a little memory escaped from the photo and jumped right out to bring me a great story to enjoy a laugh.

Have you ever had a moment when you realized the value of those little moments captured in pictures that store memories for those in them? Each individual in the image could tell their memory which can contain the things unique to them.

Why not capture more memories and moments every day? As you pass by someone, do you say anything? Maybe you don’t know them, but it is okay. Can you still say, Good Morning? What about the people you see each day? Do you ever take a moment to do something to help them realize how much you appreciate them? Why not?

My brain injury has taken a great deal from me, and I work each day to keep what remains and regain what I can that was taken. It is difficult for others to see the struggles, and actions taken by some during times of difficulty seem to stand out in my memories. But we must do our best to push aside those negative thoughts and replace them with the kindness, love, generosity, and encouragement found in the captured memories over time.

Memories fade over time; even pictures do at times, but the ones we can keep vivid in our lives through sharing, connecting, and having others tell us more about them are even better.

Why not slow down just a little to ensure all of the moments in the day are worthy of a piece of the puzzle for a memory in the story of the days we share with the many people who share the days with us? In the 24 hours in a day, how many of those hours do you find yourself sharing the day with those you barely know? How much time is spent alone? How much time is spent with those you know? If you reflect on your previous week, what stands out in your memories? It is fun to think about what you are holding on to and letting go of as you go through the days.

I have asked a few people to get together with me. I was only lucky enough to meet with a couple. Life is busy for people. I just wanted them to tell me stories they have from their past work life together. I want to hear their stories and memories to capture them in puzzle pieces to store in my memories. The more you listen to them, the more they will remain. I hope to meet with more again soon.

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