Who’s talking?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

In my younger days, I can remember everyone talking about each other, saying stuff about how you look, talk, and every aspect of your life. Wait-I am older now, and people are still choosing to do this stuff.

As you grow as an individual, you hear these things, and it plants seeds in your mind. If you have a strong sense of self and your personality is a specific type, the negative seeds of doubt do not sprout and grow. However, in many people, the seeds were planted and cultivated.

How do you talk to yourself? I don't mean talking out loud but in your thoughts? Self-talk is your internal dialogue. Your subconscious mind influences the conversation, revealing your thoughts, beliefs, questions, and ideas. Self-talk can be both negative and positive. It can be encouraging, and it can be distressing. Have you experienced these conversations?

After doing lots of reading, I discovered that we have three types of self-talk. We can have:

  • Positive self-talk will provide us with energy, a positive attitude, and encouragement
  • Negative self-talk will produce anxiety, doubt, and fear
  • Instructional self-talk will provide guidance to the technical and all aspects of the performance we are completing

I began this blog post with a meaningful quote to remember. What you think about yourself is the most important! I have always told others you could run from many things, but you cannot run from yourself. You have to live with you 24 hours a day, why not make it the best! People change their hair color, lose weight, whiten teeth, and put on high heels, so they are taller. It is not in how we look but in how we do that matters the most! However, everyone continues to judge.

Unfortunately, the world will continue to do what it does until you and another, another one and another, stop it. Love who you are, help others do the same, and keep the self-talk noise to the level you need to grow.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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