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I get behind if you can believe that, on my emails and things I want to do. I miss webinars, chats, and podcasts. Thankful for the recordings so I can catch up eventually. This is the plan anyway! But I love getting this message While you were working (WYWW). I love the variety in the messages, exciting topics, and the things that make you think. In this posting, there is an article about performance pay. I found it so interesting.

As I drove to a medical appointment today, I noticed almost every business had “we are hiring signs” posted. During the global pandemic, many people lost jobs, local businesses closed, and companies shut their doors. However, today many places are looking for people to work. Are you working? Retired? Maybe you are thinking about a career change. No matter where you are, this resource serves you in the place you are. It is free!

The article about performance pay made me think about how employers use incentives to have people join their work teams. They have sign-on bonuses and other things to spark an interest. What do you look for when seeking a place to work? Please share your thoughts and experiences.


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