What’s Your Name?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Your name is so important. When someone calls you by name, it means they know you. “Good morning, Matt.” A big smile looks up at you. There is nothing like having someone call you by your name and placing value in your heart by saying, “your name.”

I was devastated after a near-death car accident which did great for my family and me, it took so much, but one thing was my ability to recall names. I could no longer remember names and call students by names. I could remember a few, but not consistently. It improved slightly over time, but not enough to my standards.

When you can call students by name, it is one of the most important things you can do to build relationships within your building. It is very difficult when you have a large student population. Please try to learn the lowest grade level so you will know them as they continue with you.

Sometimes when others do not know your name, they attach a name to describe how you act or how they perceive you. Then sometimes, you give yourself a name by reacting to situations in a certain way.

I know I have described others as “hot heads,” “Miss Know it All,” or “Mr. I am Right.” Maybe you have a name you call others or yourself.

What name describes you?

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