What to do in 2022….

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Many families unwrapped gifts during the Christmas season; much love and joy were shared worldwide. However, many still felt pain, sorrow, and despair during this time. Many efforts by individuals and organizations are always communicated to bring awareness to the needs to bring goodwill, health, and happiness.

I believe all of our hearts genuinely melt when we hear, see and understand the stories told. Our souls felt the need of others losing homes to storms and the loss of family no longer able to hold. All of the homeless are left out in the cold. Now is the time to take actions that are bold.

The new year is here. It is time to wake up-not woke out. It is not a time to follow the leader but be a leader. Each new year brings many new things, ideas, gadgets, fashions, and toys. However, we each like to bring our thoughts, wants, trends, and goals to the new year. It is time to be united, not divided, as we face many issues ahead.

What about new ideas? Do you have some? Please share them! FEAR-Forget, Everyone, And, Remark. I know fear well! However, if you look at it differently, you will always see through it. False, Evidence, Appearing, Real I think we have all experienced this in our lifetimes. Being scared is part of life, and we have all faced it differently. Conquer those fears and be part of the solution in 2022 as we work together in bringing what is best for all.

Start by reading something different—select books from different genres to broaden your knowledge, humor, and spirit. Select various news feeds to watch and read. Get your news sources from other places and challenge all of them. Change your morning routine. Eat different things, try different coffees, or share breakfast with someone. Take a new route to work. Say hello to everyone you see. Try starting a conversation with someone new. Who knows, these unique conversations can bring new thoughts, ideas, friendships and lead to better things.

Be curious! Visit places you have not been to in your area. If you can travel and talk with those in the area, you visit. (Yes, I know we still have Covid! Please follow guidelines, but remember today is an opportunity!) Take notes of ideas, what you saw, and what others shared. I created a memory book of pictures for my sister-in-law and her husband on our travel together.

Seek out, experts. Talk to others who are experts in their areas. Message them, comment on their post, send an email with a question. Believe it or not, most will communicate with you. It is not always about making money but about making a difference. I always say to reach out to me. I will do all I can to help. My former boss did, and I am helping four of her Principals at no charge. It never hurts to ask, so why not ask.

Staying in our comfort zone and routines gives us a feeling of stability and safety. However, no matter what we do, the world will continue to bring the unexpected and unknowns into our lives when we least expect it. My husband and I listened on the phone as the doctor told me, I have breast cancer three days before, Christmas. So what do we do?

What to do in 2022?

  • Commit to do something new or make a change
  • Read books from different genres
  • Talk to an expert about your field
  • Ask questions and more questions
  • Meet someone new
  • Get out of comfort zones and mix it up
  • Utilize a variety of sources to gather news
  • Starting a conversation-it only takes a spark to get a fire going, so a simple hello can ignite a great story!
  • Volunteer to lead a committee, a book study, or a particular project.
  • Follow be the solution daily as we work to capture ways to solve issues facing educators, leaders, students, and families.
  • Everyone working together with a focused target can develop solutions.
  • Always know we have hope for today and tomorrow. Every day is a gift unwrap them with gratitude and make them the best for all.

Be the solution in 2022!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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