What season are you in?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

The seasons change on our calendar each year. The weather usually falls in line when the season changes, and we may randomly find days with unusual weather. I can remember one year with snow in April!

In the bible, seasons are spoken about or referenced several times. During my Uncle's funereal service, the scripture Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 was utilized to share his story. 1 There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. I found comfort in this passage in knowing God has planned out all of our seasons.

I know my husband does not like the winter season where we live. As children, I believe we had a different view of snow, ice, and cold weather. Now we look forward to the sun's warmth in more comfortable temperatures.

In my Sunday post this week, I lead by talking about seasons. What season are you in? If you live here in the United States, we just entered the season of Spring. We enjoyed Spring Break in the states with amazing beaches like Florida and Texas. As our country is enjoying the season of Spring, other countries may be entering a different season. As an individual, what season are you in?

Seasons are not always about weather and climate. It can be about the time you are in life. As seasons change in a rhythm, we recognize it is happening. We can count on the change and know when it will take place. Our lives have a beginning and an ending. Our rhythm in life is hard to follow as the changes can occur at different times. Depending on the choices we make, the influences from others, and opportunities we have. Opportunities are always chances to learn but can bring celebrations, hardships, growth, and despair.

Today I am waiting for blood test results to check my white blood cell count. If the levels remain normal, I will be lying on a table aligning my body with lasers as radiation targets areas marked to terminate any cancer cells. Someone I know is working on learning how to live alone as their partner has passed. A new mother is sharing beautiful pictures of her baby. At the same time, another is shopping for a wedding dress.

We need to see our time, this moment, our season as a time of transition to the next season. Seasons come, and along with it, a change. Whatever you are experiencing is your season; no one else’s! Often when living in a season of hardship, challenges, and what we consider unfair, we question. God has good reasons for each season. Live the season, learn all you can, and praise for the gifts you receive. There is a reason for every season.

My next season will be full of sunshine, sundae’s, and sunsets on the lake. I am looking forward to more time with grandchildren, reading, writing, painting and fishing!

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