What “Prescription” do you need?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Are we back to normal yet? What is normal? Many of the challenges and frustrations before the pandemic remain. In addition to those, we find many more to add to them. These factors deplete our emotional reserves and leave us feeling empty and deflated.

We just had a holiday break, and many found themselves looking at prices of items way out of reach, gas prices costing too much to travel, and airline issues to time along with costs worth the travel—all of this adding onto the layers of disappointment. The symptoms of frequent periods of tiredness, feelings of separation and loneliness may be mild at times or intense after the holidays. These times are all warnings to use it is time to replenish our reserves!

The truth is obvious; we can not be our best at anything until we care for our emotional well-being. Many think of quick-fix “remedies” or “prescriptions” to find a healthy emotional state. There are no things people can prescribe to you to “fix” your emotional state of mind. You control your state of mind, and this is how you want it to be. I can provide several tips to guide you, but it is you and the power of choice which decides.

Prescription for Healthy Life

  • Do something for someone they could not do for themselves or would not expect this week. It does not have to cost money, do it without them asking, and reflect on how good it made you feel. Repeat this each week for others. Each time reflects and stores in your mind the feelings you are collecting.
  • Take a few minutes each day to focus on a place with special memories. Maybe you can drive there, you have pictures of it, or you can write about it to share with others. Reflect on the way it made or made you feel. Capture all the thoughts it brings to store away to appreciate on days when you need them.
  • Spend at least 30 minutes daily talking with someone you cherish or consider essential. Pull away from social media chats and talk on the phone or in person. We have become disconnected by the convenience of social media; we are missing out on the human touch we need. When we take the time to listen and hear, it soaks into our hearts. Hopefully, the other individual is doing the same with your words. This will lift you both up.
  • Make a new connection each week or at least monthly. Give it a try. Reach out to someone you have enjoyed a comment they made, or you find interesting. Fear is one of the biggest problems that hold us back. I am not saying to be careful, but at least like something you read or comment about. We hold back, and this keeps us isolated.
  • Make a plan for something you will look forward to, like going to a movie with a friend. Planning a trip to Hawaii. Taking a cruise overseas. Take baby steps by planning something for this next week. Then, take the next step with planning something a little bigger. When you can make goals and plans it brings hope, purpose, joy and fun into life. Think about all of the memories and emotions you will store up.

It is cold in my area right now but getting out and enjoying a beautiful stroll in our park is something I enjoy. I love nature, and taking time to look at the beauty around us with appreciation fills my cup each day. Doing things for others is magical. It is even better when they have no idea where it comes from. Living life simply, giving to others, and knowing all of the storms we see shall pass to bring beautiful rainbows with promises for a better tomorrow.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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