What are you celebrating?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

We always have so much to celebrate! February is famous for Valentine's Day 💝 A great day to receive or give flowers and candy! Historically, we celebrate Black History Month and Abraham Lincoln's Birthday! What else do you celebrate?

Here is a list of some things people celebrate!

On February 8th, I found that some may celebrate National Kite Flying Day. I look out and think it is winter and snow; what do these people know? I can so see celebrating pizza day on February 9th! Another peculiar thing to celebrate on February 10th would be umbrella day. Don't we use those mainly in the spring for rain?

One of my favorite days is February 11th! It is National Make a Friend Day. As a new Principal at an elementary school, I saw where children did not have the opportunity to get to know each other. As I was new to the school, I decided why not make lunchtime a chance to learn about being new to a school or meeting someone new. We did “Mix-It-Up at Lunch” days. I had days like this at my former middle school to discuss different character topics. I will place a resource page and a video on “Mix-It-Up” at lunch.

February 12th is the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, and I am from Illinois, so it will not surprise you to know my daughter won an essay contest about Abraham Lincoln to celebrate his birthday. As a teacher, I taught about all of the history of Illinois, our great country, and global facts as well. My grade level was 5th grade, so we learned a great deal about the many different events that shaped our nation and impacted the world we all live in. Most importantly, we learned about all people who helped make a better path for us. If you allow children to remember how to research and find individuals they believe played a role in making a difference, it is incredible. Let them dig into the history of their families, cultures, and communities. People who impact our lives are not out of reach.

I am celebrating one more step completed in my breast cancer fight. I see the team this week, and we will learn about the treatment steps. I also get to help my granddaughter get ready for an 8th-grade dance. I think that is a celebration! Oh, I can't believe how fast the time has gone! I am also celebrating my continued commitment to press forward with all of the goals I want to achieve. I have two new principals I am mentoring and a few more things on my plate, but plans will be accomplished this year.

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