What are we building?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

We know when we open the classroom door or the zoom classroom meeting, we are building...but what are we building? Incorporating civic engagement into classrooms will enhance the academic content we teach and provide students with leadership opportunities. Every lesson and classroom activity has the potential to be leadership lessons. Are we building learners, thinkers, creators, leaders or....?

Education provides opportunities to engage students in lessons with multiple purposes with creativity, focus and expectation. The concept is to introduce issues within the community and neighborhood. How can students apply learning to resolve issues facing them directly? This can seem like at add-on to our curriculum, but it is not. It is just part of what we include it what we do in engaging our students in actively application of what they learn to how they live. We do not teach students what to think, but in how to apply what they learn.

Education is something we do with children not to them. The children we serve every day have the potential to provide the world with more kindness, additional advancements, intriguing inventions and better environments than they found. Without the right skills, resources and encouragement students will lose their passion before reaching their full potential. It is up to educators to create the environments for the creative process students can build their skills in project-based, hands-on active learning.

Building the future

Today we lay the foundational blocks which our children continue to build on as they grow in the skill areas of their focus. It presents them with information about current events, civic engagement, development of responsibility, and leadership. Students need to have educational experiences to enhance their mindsets in continued growth, a solid personal identity to engage in lifelong learning, and civic-mindedness to be involved in making what I believe they can and will do..... Make the world a better place because they can!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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