What are the fundamental changes happening or being planned for learning?

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“It is little short of a miracle that modern methods of instruction have not completely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry.”-Albert Einstein

As we make our way into the world, we are full of curiosity, creativity, and ready to explore. The importance of this time has been stressed as vital to the overall development of children. The more exposure children have to books, language, and experiences to enrich their learning provides a strong foundation as they move to formal education.

School begins with the organization of routines and understanding how to follow directions. Every day students go to school following the same practice and an understanding that making the teacher happy provides rewards. The rewards are good grades.

“Teaching is far from perfect. It’s messy, and in that mess is where you’ll craft your teaching and truly enjoy the journey.”-Lisa Dabbs

We have many myths around learning that we need to look at, and they are:

  • It’s important to know your learning style
  • The more times you read it, the better you’ll learn it
  • You should focus on one clump of material at a time
  • Go with your gut
  • The more hours you spend studying, the better

I have included the article 5 popular myths about learning debunked as they explain why. https://eab.com/insights/daily-briefing/academic-affairs/5-popular-myths-about-learning-debunked/

Learning develops at different rates and is unique to each child. To help children's readiness for new skills is identifying the mastery of prerequisite skills. How are your plans for learning developing learners? Are you practicing utilizing myths? Do students have opportunities for creativity, inquiry, and discovery? Would you want to come to your class? What about your students, do they want to come?

Ask some questions to discover the answers to learning. Thank you for being the solution daily!

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