Wednesday Words, What words inspire you?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Stop doing that! Get up! What were you thinking? Why are you so slow?

I can hear the tone behind the words. How you start your day impacts your way! As the day goes by, all of the impacts of the interactions weigh on your emotions. At the end of the day, if you have stored up all of these emotions, it can come out as an explosion!

Helping others understand how to handle the words they encounter throughout the day will help process the emotions to express appropriately. Self-regulation is an effective tool for everybody to have.

There are many new tools available to address the needs we all have right now to reduce the stress we are experiencing. I have seen advertising for apps to purchase, books, music, painting, coloring but the most essential tool is words.

Words we hear, speak, repeat, read and continue to dwell on each moment. Negative self-talk comes from a seed placed we continue to water until it grows into a depression that gets out of control or a fountain of beauty.

There is a commercial on TV my entire family laughs at because it reminds them of me. A man is leading a group on how not to become your parents. His question, “Do we need all of these signs to tell us to Live, Laugh, and Love? The answer is, no.” He throws the sign in the garbage. I have positive words and phrases everywhere! I have had them for years! It kills me when he throws it in the trash.

Surrounding yourself with positives cannot be wrong, I tell myself. I recognize that too much can be overwhelming, but a few is all I need! I am not planning on inviting this guy over to my house anyway.

Try for one week to use some of the words from the word lists I provide and to share a couple of inspirational video clips. See if it makes a difference, did people make comments, notice a change or what did you learn from it?

Video clips you will enjoy! The last one is one of my favorite ones because I believe every individual is different and unique; that is AWESOME!




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