We need leaders to be?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

I asked the question in a poll on LinkedIn what do you expect most from leaders. I did not have much participation, but enough to reflect what I believe I knew people desire. The choices were trust, integrity, and other. Integrity received the most votes (64%), followed by trust (27%) and then other. (9%) We need leaders to be so many things in this unprecedented world of today.

Integrity is an essential key to the doorway for building trust, both for ourselves and in our relationships. You build self-trust by evaluating your behaviors. Are your behaviors and actions in line with your principles? Your core values are the foundation of what you stand on and believe is right. People look to see if you talk, walk, stand, and live by them daily. If you do not have integrity, you will not or do not have trust.

Leaders are

  • Leaders are readers
  • Leaders are learners
  • Leaders are confident
  • Leaders are positive
  • Leaders are patient
  • Leaders are humble
  • Leaders are servants
  • Leaders are innovators
  • Leaders are creative
  • Leaders are communicators
  • Leaders are listeners
  • Leaders are courageous
  • Leaders are solution-focused
  • Leaders are motivational
  • Leaders are inspirational
  • Leaders are hopeful
  • Leaders are supportive
  • Leaders are...........so many things, but what are you?

What do you need Leaders to be? If you are a leader, who do you want to be? It is not about what we do but who we become. People can do many things each day to help the day be better than yesterday. You become “who” makes every day brighter from the light you share for others to see as they strive to develop into the “who” they are becoming.

What do we want to create? Why is it important? Who do you want to become? When our job is complete will we be proud of all that is accomplished? The W questions are always the best to ask in order to place a Win in your column of achievements in a world counting on you!

Lead from where you are and continue to be the solution daily for a world in need! Make it a great day or not, the choice is always your to make.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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