We have layers-What are they?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Have you ever thought about layers before? I know my brother-in-law loves to look at cakes with the multiple layers you can choose from when selecting the right one. Then I know my family is likely to tease me because I am usually wearing three layers. I am sorry, but I like wearing sleeveless tanks under my shirts. I am very conservative, and there is nothing wrong with being that way.

In Science, we study the layers of the earth; in Social Studies, we study the layers of the atmosphere, and the layers are studied in both areas. Science and Social Studies often find themselves overlapping in areas. Sometimes we may hear Social Sciences as we reference specific areas.

“The primary purpose of social studies is to help young people make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.”-National Council for Social Studies. The purpose of Science is to learn about the world around us. Science aims to learn how nature works by observing the natural and physical world and to understand this world through research and experimentation.

Humans have multiple layers in their development. We learn through Science about the development of humans, as well as many other animals, plants, and organisms in nature. The layers of the development system are fascinating and amazing to learn about. In addition, we discover the impact of culture, environment, and experiences through Social Studies on nature and human progress.

In my interests, it is the layers of emotions developed over time through experiences that draw my interest, which brings me to the crosswalk between Science and Social Studies, learning how to support children in learning about the role of emotions in their daily lives. One of the resources is the emotion wheel explained in this article. We have so many emotions we can experience; we need to break them down to find the core reason for the feeling driving our choices. Helping to make better choices using and understanding our emotions will help in continued growth.

In our understanding of the children, families, and communities we serve, it is not a one glove fits all approach blanketed approach to all aspects of learning. However, the foundation can be built by utilizing an approach to meet the basic needs as we build trust in building up those who have experienced traumatic events and need to begin with a foundation of trust, feeling good and safe before they can tackle anything else.

Now our focus in education has always been on children first and families; we also need to realize these past years have taken a toll on our dedicated staff as well. The one glove fits all blame game has presented itself throughout the media, and echoes of this have been chanting for quite some time, but no real solutions on ways to fix the issues facing educators today.

The two Rules approach establishes a foundation where everyone feels good and safe. It continues to build and grow to support all in the educational setting, home, and community. It is not one but all who work together to build up systems that have problems not created by one. Join in helping together in doing what is best to save the next generation by helping to provide the best solutions for them and not adding to the existing problems.

Our layers

  • Physical Layer- We work hard to care for ourselves, eat right, exercise, and maintain our bodies according to our health plans. Even this layer contains additional layers within as our physical makeup is complex.
  • Knowledge Layer- A complex layer with input data, experiences, and analysis. Within every layer is additional layers, more difficult than the first. Knowledge is stored in the memory banks to be utilized with additional information and data collected. Complex networking of controls to process the knowledge we gain.
  • Emotional-Social Layer- Motivation, Inspiration, Spiritual, and Feelings are part of this layer that drives our abilities toward growth, connections, and relationships. In this layer, we find the signs of trauma hidden from the eyes of others, as well as all of the other hidden layers, holding back or providing issues for us if we cannot address them.

There are many layers to humans if you research and discover the points of view others have for the insightful way to look at development over time. I have determined to keep it to three levels. As an educator, I can help to impact positively throughout the development process. Let me be clear on my core beliefs.

I do not in any way feel as if my beliefs should be transferred to another. Children do not need to be influenced by beliefs of who, what, or how they should be. Our responsibility is to provide opportunities to learn educational foundations for the success of the layer of Knowledge. Our purpose is to help inform them on the importance of keeping their bodies safe with information about health, nutrition, and physical activities to maintain the levels needed as they grow. In addition, facilitate support with families to provide resources to continue to help everyone lift up and out of any negativity. Building relationships of trust and open communications in collaboration with home, school, and community will help to wrap around the needs of our children, who need all of our support together.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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