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Posted by Brenda Yoho

Two Rules is more than feeling good and feeling safe. As we continue to learn about how we put these in place, it is in how we present, prepare, and consistently do and say each day that the promises made in Two Rules are lived each day.

Control is not something to fight for, but now, power is something we all have already. When we know we have power in all of the choices we make throughout each day, and those choices determine what will happen to us, it is powerful. When we are faced with decisions to make, we have the choice to decide if we will or will not choose to say or do. Our choices make who we are.

Guiding our children through understanding the process of choices, decision-making, and the difference between reaction and response are all part of the systemic way learning takes place in real-world applications.

If you skip school, you will miss out on the educational content of the day. This will place you behind the other students who were present for the day. What if you do not want to read the book the class is reading? Well, it is your choice after all. Then you miss out on the opportunity everyone else enjoys as they share their experience with the book. All of the conversations, connections they make, and experiences they will have together. Maybe, the book will help all of them survive an event which happens in the future, but you missed out on the knowledge from the experience. All of the things I have or could have said to children when talking about choices.

Choices equal rewards and consequences. It is so important to have the conversations about the accountability we have with the free will we have in the power of the choices we make ourselves. Choices is the best place to start when explaining how the process of being part of the problem or part of the solution begins.

Safety-The very young to old

I want to thank one of #Bethesolutiondaily blog followers (Tommy) for reaching out to me about the importance this blog takes with talking about safety. Safety is one of my Two Rules and an essential part of what we always want for everyone.

Technology has been an area we have discussed before, ensuring you have safeguards to protect yourself, your children, and your loved ones. We want to ensure you do not leave yourself open to those who use technology to harm others. The “big” talk about AI is for a larger conversation, and I advise everyone to keep up with all of the discussions regarding the continued growth of technology.

Tommy shared the following link with many great points, resources, and ideas. One of the tools we use for safety as new parents or grandparents is baby monitors. This is a must-read for those utilizing baby monitors and wanting to learn more about safety. I found this to be scary and helpful at the same time. I try not to think of others wanting to cause harm to others, but it is happening, and I see changes daily. Please look at the blog and let me know if you have anything you want to share to help be part of the solution daily. We are all here to help each other feel good and safe in our world.


"I only have 2 rules!"
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