We Can with Two Rules Wednesday (28)

Posted by Brenda Yoho
two rules
Lead with Two Rules

Misbehavior and poor choices should not be excused by the circumstances of a child's life, but we can strive to understand and explain these behaviors in the context of their experiences. Our role as educators and caregivers is to empower children to view themselves not as victims of their circumstances but as overcomers of the challenges they face. It is not impossible to rise above the "things" that happen to you; it is within your control to determine whether these events continue to define you.

Each day, when children come to school, they carry their own unique form of currency – a desire for connection and attention. Yes, they seek to exchange this "currency" with us, the adults in their lives. It is essential that we show them how to exchange their inherent need for attention positively, guiding them toward healthier ways to fulfill this basic human requirement.

As children learn to exchange their "currency" for attention, they will come to exchange it for praise and love as well. Once we provide them with the knowledge of how to receive these forms of validation, they will strive to earn more of it through their actions. By taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate their efforts, we can witness significant changes in their behavior and self-esteem. Keeping a journal of their progress can be a valuable tool in this journey.

However, the most precious currency a child possesses is trust. This currency is securely locked in a vault and only exchanged when it has been proven beyond any doubt. To establish this trust, we must be authentic in our words and actions, maintaining consistency in everything we say and do. Children are always observing and learning from us, so it's crucial that we demonstrate integrity and honesty in our interactions. Gossip and negative comments about any child or staff member should be avoided, as children are perceptive and can sense more than we often realize.

It's essential to recognize that trauma affects each individual differently, and the support required will vary for each child. Some children may outwardly express their struggles in various ways, while others may internalize them. Our responsibility is to help them find positive outlets to release their emotions and cope with their experiences, seeking professional guidance when necessary. By fostering a safe and supportive environment, we can help children heal and grow, empowering them to overcome their past and look toward a brighter future.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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