We Can with Two Rules Wednesday 11

Posted by Brenda Yoho


Graduation ceremonies have been held, report cards have been shared and the school year finds an end! It is time for a summer break to begin! Take some time to relax, enjoy time with family and friends. Listen to yourself and make a plan to begin self-care each day.


Take time to reflect, read and renew as you prepare yourself to meet the next school year. One of the best ways to help ourselves face challenges or any barriers is to have the courage to face them by running towards them. It is important to prepare by reflecting on what has worked and what has not. Learn by asking questions others about what has worked for them and discover additional ideas. Learn by picking up a book or two which captures your interest, listen to some podcasts and follow some blogs like this one. Take two ideas and begin to work on making a plan for yourself.

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"I only have 2 rules!"
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