We Can with Two Rules-(29)

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Choice is a fundamental aspect of human existence, shaping our daily lives and influencing our identities. "Two Rules" emphasizes the significance of our capacity to make choices. From the moment we wake up until we go to bed, our lives are filled with countless decisions, both big and small. These choices become ingrained in our routines and habits, ultimately defining who we are as individuals.

The first rule of choice is that it empowers us. It grants us the freedom to select our path, make decisions, and chart our own course in life. This power to choose is what distinguishes us from the rest of the animal kingdom. It allows us to pursue our dreams, set goals, and follow our passions. Our choices shape our destinies, and the consequences, whether positive or negative, are ours to bear.

The second rule of choice is that it carries responsibility. With the privilege of choice comes the weight of accountability. We must own the outcomes of our decisions, for better or worse. It is in these moments of responsibility that we learn, grow, and adapt. Our choices, no matter how small, ripple through our lives and those of others, leaving an indelible mark.

Over time, our daily choices become ingrained in our routines and habits, molding our character. Whether it's the choice to prioritize health, pursue a career, or nurture relationships, these decisions accumulate and define who we are. They become the fabric of our identity, representing the values and principles that guide us.

In "Two Rules," the focus on choice serves as a reminder of the significance of every decision we make. It is through our choices that we navigate the labyrinth of life, shaping our destinies, forging our identities, and leaving a lasting legacy in the world. “Feeling Good” and “Feeling and Safe” is an essential piece of what each individual needs.


What if we approached every day with the same anticipation we have when packing for a vacation?

When you pack for vacation what are some of the things you pack? Do you pack a camera or just use your phone to take pictures? Why do we take so many pictures?

Pictures capture the uniques and beautiful moments you want to remember as you vacation is special places with special people. What if we took this idea and applied it to our daily lives? Many people post on social media platforms a lot of pictures. They are capturing different moments, images and events to share with others. My challenge is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, creating a collection of cherished memories that make each day special.

If you snap a picture, what is the why behind it? Take the time to not just capture the image, but the moment and cherished memory that makes it special.

One of the individuals who was in high school at the time I was and is a classmate of my best friend has a son who has taken it a step further in creating a moment in time which is special to share with all of us. Please watch it below with your young family, enjoy the music, make the pizza, and cherish quality time together. This is a great example of family treasuring those special moments.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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