We Can Wednesday

Posted by Brenda Yoho

As the world listens and watches, my message of feeling good and safe is what we continue to seek.

The media outlets are full of images of the horrific events and the loss of life, as Israel is at war.

Innocent children have lost their lives in the most horrific ways. This fact alone is enough for me to pause everything and begin to pray. My heart, mind, and body cannot comprehend the evil of causing harm like this to another, especially children.

Today, and each day, I will pray without ceasing. Let us all unite in our prayers, in our hope for a better world, and in our determination to spread love and peace, for it is in our collective strength that we can make a difference.

We can overcome evil. Feeling good and feeling safe is not what evil seeks.

As I pause, join me in doing the same thing. I want you to think about how our conversations start. Usually conversations are about past, present and future. However, the majority of the time we have conversations focused on the past. We have a need to give meaning to something. This happened, so it means—-? We find ourselves talking about the same things over and over. What went wrong? Why it did not work out? What we could change? The continued conversations about the same thing has us boxed in with barriers we seem to not be able to remove.

As we have these conversations over and over again, our energy and time is spent on the past leaving our present and future out. Nothing is moving forward when we are not able to have conversations to breakthrough to reach a future. When we begin to speak about future possibilities as more realities with actionable goals, we build a bridge to our desired outcome.

I listen intently to conversations held and I am hearing repeated many of the same things being discussed to resolve issues facing us today. As Israel is at war, they have made some bold statements and are using AI to help them in their ability to fight against the evil which entered an attack on them. We need to build the bridge to the desired future by committed actions. Leaving barriers in place will continue to cause problems in having the future desired. Identifying problems are easy, it is in finding the solution for sustainability which is difficult.

Everyone should feel good and feel safe where they live, work and go to school. We can be the solution for this if we have the courage to believe, take the action steps and encourage others to seek guidance to achieve this together. I believe in home, school and community in working together to see the changes we need.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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