We Can Wednesday-Share the message of Two Rules

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Gather 'round, champions of education!

Picture this: a room buzzing with energy, minds ignited with passion for progress. That was the scene at the Illinois Association of Title I Directors, where we embarked on a journey of insight and empowerment.

In our small group breakout session, we did a mini version of one of my workshops and dug into the book a little. Together, we embraced the wisdom of "What do we see?" and uncovered the power of the Two Rules.

Identifying home, school and community need to work together in order to find the solution we need to achieve. All of these areas need to work together to support our youth in feeling good and feeling safe. We also stated staff need this as well. Talking about self-regulation for everyone and how to support issues which they are facing. I will unpack the post-it notes they left of “What they see” and maybe they are issues you do as well. Stay tuned for the feedback.

The other workshops in my series include "How do we see?"—a courageous exploration of our lenses, revealing biases and shadows lurking in the corners. It is not easy, but by confronting our blind spots, we unleashed the potential for genuine connection and understanding.

Next up in the list of workshops is : "Who are we seeing?" We examined our focus—are we casting our gaze wide enough, or are some faces slipping through the cracks? Through introspection and analysis, we committed to inclusivity and fairness in every aspect of our work. It is easy to have a vision or mission statement that states All students will or All students are……. However, are we only focusing on a small portion of the population of our student body.

And finally, the pinnacle of the series: "Why are we seeing?" Armed with insights of the journey to chart the course to 20/20 vision. This workshop will set the goals, plot the steps, and ignited the flame of transformation both professionally and personally.

As we reflect, let us carry forth the torch of illumination. Let us continue to see with clarity, empathy, and purpose. For in our shared vision lies the power to shape a brighter future for all. Onward, warriors of enlightenment! 🌟💪 Lead with Two Rules!! Feel good and Feel Safe today…..and all of the tomorrow’s with asking the right questions.

Each person received the gift of my book for attending my session.

Thank you IATD board for the short addition of Lead with Two Rules!! Blessings to all! Reach out to me anytime to find solutions to the problems you face.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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