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Posted by Brenda Yoho
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I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful 4th of July, filled with laughter, good food, and fireworks. However, amidst the celebrations, I wanted to take a moment to share an update on our situation. Unfortunately, we are still without power at our home. Living in the countryside has its charms, but it also means that when the power goes out, we find ourselves without water as well. In this blog post, I'll share our experiences and the small triumphs we've had during this challenging time.

Adapting to Life Without Power

Being without power has tested our resilience and resourcefulness. We've had to find alternative ways to meet our basic needs. Showering has become a mini-road trip to our daughter's home, and we've resorted to retrieving buckets of water from our shop to keep up with household demands. Our feathered friends, like hummingbirds and birds, still require their regular food and water, and our plants need their nourishment too. It's been a juggling act to ensure everyone is taken care of.

Keeping Informed

Our local power company has been proactive in keeping us informed about the progress of power restoration. They've utilized text messages and phone calls based on our preferences for notifications. Initially, their messages assured us that they were working diligently to restore power, emphasizing their appreciation for our patience. These messages were sent twice a day to ensure we were updated and reminded to stay away from any downed wires, with a dedicated phone number for reporting such incidents. Friends and family would contact us to keep us informed as well of their status.

Estimated Restoration and Hope

As the days passed, the power company's messages changed to provide more specific information. On Saturday, July 2nd, we received an encouraging update. The new message stated that the estimated restoration for our power was expected at 12:15 PM on July 2nd. These messages continued until the estimated time arrived and no power was restored. Though we haven't seen progress in our area yet, witnessing others regain power little by little has kept our hopes high. We take occasional drives to cool off and check on the overall progress, eagerly awaiting our turn to join the electrified community.

Making the Most of Limited Power

During this challenging time, every minute with our generator up and running feels like a luxury. I've managed to steal a few moments here and there to write, post comments, check emails, and tend to our freezer. It's a small window of opportunity amidst the power outage, and I appreciate your patience as I navigate through these limitations.

As we persevere through this power outage, I wanted to share our experiences and express gratitude for the support and understanding we've received. It's during times like these that our resilience is put to the test, and we discover the strength and resourcefulness within ourselves. We remain hopeful that in the coming days, power will be restored, bringing an end to our temporary inconveniences. Until then, we'll continue to adapt, appreciate the small triumphs, and eagerly look forward to the day when normalcy returns to our home. Thank you for being patient with me as we work through this power outage together!

I have to tell you my oldest grandson asked me as we went last night to take a shower at his home, “MooMoo, when is your power going to be turned back on?” I told him, I am not sure, but if it continues I may just have to move in for awhile. He smiled so big. Both of the boys curled up next to grandpa to watch a movie and this is the best part of being without power!

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