Unexpected-How do you prepare?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Have you ever experienced “unexpected?” What is “unexpected?” Well, it is what was not expected. Would you wish to see a fish in the desert? No.

The season of Thanksgiving brings opportunities for gratitude, and then we move into the season of giving as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Many times during this season, I think about the “unexpected” miracles. There are also so many celebrations throughout the year, but take the time to think about those “unexpected” moments, which may be the time that changes your life or the lives of others. What you find may be “unexpected!”

Who would ever have imagined Covid-19? The unexpected events changed the lives of many for years. During our life journeys we may experience unexpected changes like personal injury, divorce, disability, and death. Some things I don’t think we can prepare for entirely.

Difficulties come from time to time and so do the best things in life. Having the unexpected news of winning an award, a lottery or recognition is amazing. Getting a phone call telling you the lab results say you have cancer or you lose your job right before the holidays is devastating news never expected.

How do you prepare for any of the unexpected things or changes that happen in life?

Watching or reading stories of unexpected miracles that happen in the lives of others brings us hope. Hope is the element that gives us the ability to prepare for those random times that are life-changing.

Those moments when you face one of your biggest fears , and you see those individuals who will show up to support you when you need them the most. Those unexpected moments when you are filled with great loss and at that moment a text message comes with a simple message, “I am here for you.” Those words fill your heart with all you need to go further.


In order to prepare for the unexpected, it would be best to begin with keeping your mindset open and willing to grow. Always work daily to keep hope in your life.

These are things I am doing, have done, or on my lis to do soon!

  • A plan that everything will be fine, even when things are unexpected!
  • Help others when you can as they deal with the unexpected.
  • Pause, reflect, and review before responding.
  • Make a list of the things you need to do to secure a “rainy day,” as my mom would say:
    • Pay yourself each payday. Try to cut back if you can. It is hard in the current situation.
    • Try to connect with other families and work on doing pot luck dinners so you can share food and everyone can benefit from the leftovers.
    • Use coupons, shop the clearance and watch the sales items.
  • Insurance; check on health, home, and life. Even consider other insurances offered if you can find something within your budget.
  • Expect the unexpected
    • I am thankful for sharing always with my team, my assistant principal and making sure others know how to do your job. Letting others know where everything is and how to find everything.
    • Having emergency lesson plans ready.
    • Having an extra set of clothing, shoes and first aid kit ready in the car.
    • Have a will, plans for funeral and maybe already a pre-paid funeral arranged. Having everything prepared will help all of those involved with the grieving of your passing.

There are many ways to prepare for the unexpected, and also to know all the planning will not always prepare you or others. Life is life and the changes happening daily can keep us spinning at times. However, take the time to slow down and recall what the essential part of life is. It is in the time spent with family, friends, and faith.

Resilience is often used to describe individuals who can overcome many barriers, hardships, and situations. Having grit is another word used to describe individuals who can face these challenges to find the positives. However, it is a combination of many things that contribute to those who can overcome all of these unexpected events. It is because they look forward to those unexpected daily moments to spark the hope they need to continue to move forward. A helping hand, a kind word, someone is providing them with a need they have, or a listening ear to understand the issues they face.


Miracles are those things that happen that natural occurrences can not explain. It is the most significant and unexpected! When we hear of something happening with claims of a miracle, we are excited to learn more. These events overflow us with hope and love.

I am so thankful daily for the unexpected. I know some can be difficult and even crushing at times. However, when we can overcome, we can look back to see the many lessons learned, the people involved, and the expansion of love shared.

In the Bible, you will find many examples of miracles. You can find miracles from today, movies about miracles, and songs. One thing I know is your life is a miracle. Live each day to know your life matters in the cycle of miracles in life for all. The choice is always yours to make each day. Please turn up your volume to listen to one of my favorite voices as she sings, and let her words reach the depths of your heart and soul.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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