Two Rules: Feeling Safe-Feeling Good

Posted by Brenda Yoho

The alarming statistics of school shootings in recent years highlight the urgent need to address the underlying issues that lead to such tragedies. While debates about gun rights and school safety measures are important, it is equally crucial to focus on prevention strategies that can make a lasting impact.

One approach to promoting a safer school environment is by implementing the Two Rules: teach empathy and teach responsibility are just two of the skills students will gain from the implementation of Two Rules. These principles can be integrated into the curriculum and woven into daily interactions within the school community. By emphasizing empathy, students learn to understand and appreciate the feelings and perspectives of others. They develop the ability to see beyond their own needs and wants, fostering a sense of connection and respect for their peers.

Simultaneously, teaching responsibility helps students recognize the consequences of their actions. They learn that their choices have an impact not only on themselves but also on those around them. By instilling a sense of accountability, students become more aware of the potential harm they can cause and are encouraged to consider the well-being of others. The earlier we start with Two Rules the better it will be for students to develop a deeper understanding as they continue to develop additional skill sets.

Starting these lessons at an early age is crucial. Children are highly receptive to learning and internalizing values during their formative years. By introducing empathy and responsibility as core principles from the beginning, we equip young learners with the tools needed to navigate conflicts and challenges in a constructive manner.

Furthermore, fostering a culture of open communication and support is vital. Students, staff, and families should feel comfortable reporting concerns and seeking help when needed. Establishing strong relationships and support networks within the school community can provide a safety net for individuals facing difficulties. Building trust with all is important as we work together in supporting a Two Rule School.

It is important to remember that ensuring school safety is not solely the responsibility of a few individuals, such as school resource officers or principals. It is a collective effort that involves everyone within the school and community. Parents, teachers, administrators, students, and community members all play a crucial role in creating a safe and nurturing environment for students to thrive.

Addressing the root causes of school violence requires a multifaceted approach that combines education, mental health support, community engagement, and responsible gun ownership. By investing in these areas and prioritizing the well-being of students and staff, we can work towards a future where school shootings become a thing of the past.

Thoughts and Questions to Ponder/Respond:

Have our schools become larger or smaller in the number of students they serve?

Do all parents know the names of the leaders in the schools? Have they met them? What about the teachers? Have they met them?

Do all of the police and first responders know the people in the schools they serve? Have they visited the schools to get to know the people inside? Do they how to get around in the school? Could they visit daily?

Get a conversation started by responding to one of the questions or give us a new thought to ponder. #Bethesolutiondaily #TwoRules

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