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Posted by Brenda Yoho

There are a wide variety of podcasts to select from to tune in and to help you sharpen up the areas you want to grow. Listening to podcasts is a great way to spend time driving to and from work, doing your chores at home, and taking a walk. Finding the one you want to follow or checking out the wide variety of the ones out there takes a great deal of time, or you can begin with those someone recommends as you start your journey.

Usually, podcasts are around 30 minutes long. Each one will provide you with the time allotted for the session, topic, and highlights. A transcript of the show will be made available at the conclusion and the best thing is the show is recorded for you to go back to listen to again or to share parts with others you want to highlight.

I began listening to podcasts three years ago and have listened to a wide variety of them. I want to provide you with a list of a few I believe you will find to be helpful as school leaders to utilize in all you do.

  • Jim Knight. (Instructional Coaching focus is the center of this podcast, as he, along with guests, provides strategies, tips, and ways to support educators through coaching practices.)-Author
  • Peter DeWitt. (Provides options of leadership, SEL, current issues, providing opportunities for all voices to be heard, asking questions and thoughts to be shared to find common ground solutions to problems faced at all levels.)-Author
  • Robyn Jackson. (Provides strategies, ideas, and opportunities to make fundamental changes to improve teaching and learning drastically.)-Author
  • Daniel Bauer (Danny calls his group the Ruckus Makers! This is made for those education leaders who challenge the status quo, never give up, and make change happen.)-Author
  • Jethro Jones-(He is known as a Transformative Principal and brings guests on to help support principals who are overwhelmed by putting out fires all of the time and to help get them back to leading.)-Author
  • Craig Groeschel- (He is a spiritual and inspirational speaker who brings in famous individuals and people in general who can best describe how to lead during these difficult times.)-Author
  • Ken Blanchard- (This podcast helps to keep you informed of the up-to-date information for self-development, leadership and business. Ken has been a top thought leader and leader for decades. He is one of my favorites!—Author (60+books!)
  • Jon Gordon-(I have been a long-time fan! The title describes the purpose. Positive! His podcast and work is designed in a dedication to help bring positive inspiration and encouragement to all. The goal and outcome are to help you overcome your challenges and make a more significant impact!)—Author
  • John Maxwell- (He is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, speaker and pastor. John is known as an extraordinary leader and has trained many leaders globally, He is also one of my favorite leaders, and his podcasts are priceless.)—Author

There are many leaders to learn from! These are just a few. In my decades of growing, I find myself continuing to grow as I enjoy reading, listening, and attending webinars or conferences. My advice is always to keep looking for more to learn! In addition, never be afraid to share your wisdom as well. My friend Danny calls his group “Ruckus Makers,” which I think is excellent! Have you ever been called names? Silly question, yes, we all have! My editor has recently called me radical. I have never thought of myself described in this way. How do you describe yourself? Something else to reflect on as you think about which one of these podcasts fits your needs right now. Bookmark the others to listen to when you have the time and the need. The best thing about these is they are recorded to listen to when you can!

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