Tuesday Talk of Giving Back

Posted by Brenda Yoho
silhouette of one person helping another person climb up the mountain.  Giving back.

As an educator, I was widely recognized for my positive attitude, ability to motivate others, and my knack for storing away little things that would benefit those around me. It was never a question for me about what I would receive; rather, my focus was always on what I could give to others.

Being a leader in any field means being tested each day, and there will always be individuals who attempt to chip away at the very foundation you stand on. However, it is crucial never to let the voices of a few drown out the needs of the many. I vividly remember one particular day, which happened to be the worst in my entire educational career. Typically, I refrained from sharing the details of my day with my family, but this time it was different. I felt compelled to open up to my husband and daughter. As I stood in the kitchen, he came in to see what I was doing. I told him, "Tomorrow is conferences, and I promised the staff that I would bring in a cheeseball, crackers, and other food."

No matter the circumstances, it is crucial to give your all. The negative voices are always just a few who see the world through a narrow lens. By being transparent in your work and consistently adhering to your principles, approaches, policies, actions, and procedures, you can foster unity. Remember, united we stand, and divided we fall. Each day, strive to be part of the solution in a world that desperately needs all of us to contribute and give back to others.

To my surprise, my husband looked at me with fury in his eyes and said, "Are you crazy? After what they did to you today! You're going to work tonight, after a long day, to make them food to eat? I would tell them to **** off!" I apologize for not being able to repeat all the words he used. In response, I calmly said, "I refuse to let a few individuals change who I am as a person. I have done nothing wrong, and I will continue to be true to myself. I will always follow through on my commitments."

Your core beliefs, values and dedication will shine brightly even on the darkest days.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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