Thursday Thoughts! Humble Inquiry, The Gentle Art of Asking Not telling, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded

Posted by Brenda Yoho

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I am enjoying reading the new edition from authors Edgar H. Schein and Peter A. Schein! I just ordered an additional copy of the book to share with another leader. It is so valuable to recognize the work others are doing and to be able to share it!

Over the many years in leadership, we never want to lose sight of the fact we are lifelong learners and need to feed our knowledge to grow. The title of this book contains the word humble, and it is with this approach we open our minds to accept the wisdom of others to solve problems.

I encourage you to add this book to your professional library and grab your copy today as it is released next week! I am an avid reader and often reread books several times. It allows us to continue to explore, reflect, and question. Gaining information from others provides us with a different lens to look through, allowing perspective to issues and topics. The depth you can achieve projects your abilities to move forward toward goals. Mastering these skills is impressive when your collaboration brings positive outcomes.

Please share some of the books you are reading, authors you enjoy, or maybe you are writing something you want to share. I am always interested! I love learning, listening and discovering.

Thank you for being the solution today!

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