Thursday Thoughts- How leaders can calm the sea?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Leaders are faced with mighty waves on some days. This “sea” of waves can come crashing into the shore, but leaders know how to shift to respond. High or low tides, leaders can prioritize the needs. “Shell,” we take a look into ways to help calm the waters? Thursday thoughts will tidy things up for us this week.

We paid attention to the schedule of the tide times for the beaches. When it is low tide, it is a great time to go shelling! For leaders, the highs and lows are not on a schedule. It would be best if you were prepared for anything that could come your way.


One of the things I have learned over my years is to be intentional. If we want to work on change, make improvements, or provide the best for those we serve, we have to be intentional with all we do. As leaders, we cannot walk into a meeting without being prepared. In no way should we try to speak to a topic or subject we have not prepared to address. People can recognize very quickly when they are not ready.

To calm the seas, we have first to steady our ship. We have to inform ourselves, lead with confidence, and be prepared. One of the steps we can take is to keep up to date with the information that directly impacts those we serve. There is never enough time in the day, but if we are intentional with what we do, a lot can be completed. My first suggestion is to read daily. Leaders learn! Leaders read! Leaders network! Leaders ask questions!


When the waves are coming fast and are high, it is time to prioritize. Leaders have to remain calm to calm the waters. Prioritizing what needs to be taken care of is a critical part of leadership. Looking at the whole picture helps to decide the following steps to take. One key factor is always remembering to focus on doing what is best for those you serve. This is when you realize the building of capacity within your teams, increasing the leadership skills within your teams, and the trusting relationships that have been built. All of these elements work together to support the priorities.

Steps to take to calm the sea

  • Take a deep breathe and calm yourself first
  • Identify the cause of the rough waters
  • Gather all of your facts, information, and knowledge
  • Prepare to address the team
  • Stand confident, reassuring, and informed
  • Design an intentional plan to address issues
  • Ask questions, listen and learn
  • Prioritize what steps need to be taken
  • Trust in the relationships, leadership, and skills of individuals who can help support the needed work to be done
  • Set sail to calm the sea with confidence as all of the elements will work together to bring in the low tide


Recognize when the sea has been calmed and celebrate those who supported the efforts. Recognize all of the team's work to recover from the disruptions and appreciate all they do each day. Not only should you be intentional with what you do, but also be genuine!

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