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Posted by Brenda Yoho
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In the realm of knowledge, where young minds unfold, School beckons children, its stories yet untold.

Beyond mere subjects, a universe does reside, Where laughter and wonder, in harmony, coincide.

School is not just textbooks and lessons in array, But a sanctuary where kids embrace the day.

Where giggles and friendships dance hand in hand, Where curiosity thrives, like footprints in the sand.

Teachers, like guiding stars, ignite a love so bright, Fanning flames of passion, in every child's sight.

They unlock doors to wisdom, with hearts full of grace, Nurturing dreams and talents, in each unique case.

For education, a treasure, a beacon in the night, A compass to guide us, through shadows and light.

It molds our character, fuels our eager minds, Ignites the flame of progress, in all that it finds.

Let's cherish this gift, a foundation so strong, For learning's embrace shall forever belong.

A priority we must safeguard, with unwavering might, To ensure generations flourish, in knowledge's sacred light.

So, let's celebrate the classrooms, where dreams take flight, Where minds blossom, reaching for stars so bright.

For school is a sanctuary, a harbor for the soul, Where joy and discovery unite to make us whole.

Many are enjoying a short summer break. The school bell will ring, and all students and staff will return for a year full of teaching and learning. In the words shared above, what are the ones which stand out to you? Which ones can you feel in your heart? Is this what you want from a school year? Did you have this as a child?

Take a few moments to breathe in the words shared.

In the garden of society, we sow our deeds, Reaping the fruits of our words and our creeds. With haste, we rushed, neglecting to ponder, The wisdom found in Two Rules to ponder.

To feel the warmth of unity's embrace, And find solace in a safe learning space, We must pause and reflect before we engage, Asking questions to guide us on life's stage.

A choice lies before us, solution or plight, Shall we be part of darkness or embrace the light? Responsibility beckons, its call crystal clear, Understanding our needs, erasing all fear.

Let us learn from the past, our actions rewind, Nurturing growth, compassion intertwined. For in addressing problems with utmost care, We'll find the path to harmony, beyond compare.

So, let's heed these words, etched in wisdom's scroll, Embracing Two Rules to make society whole. Together we'll cultivate a future so bright, Where compassion and understanding ignite.

All you have to do is email me at, on LinkedIn, or on Twitter @BrendaYoho. I can help you begin to implement Two Rules School. I am not selling anything but giving you the ability to simplify your approach to achieve success by shifting to allow students to take the lead in all they do.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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