Thursday Thought Leadership- 1-19-23

Posted by Brenda Yoho

At the start of every year, I go through all of my medical appointments to check on my health. My life journey has provided me with many opportunities to experience challenges to overcome. While talking with my neurologists, we discussed work.

I am thankful to all of those who are part of my medical team and how they supported me during all of my health issues. Building trusting relationships with those you work with is critical and especially when dealing with health crisis issues.

Our conversation was about how over time, it seems as though things have changed a great deal with how people approach their positions and the way they feel about the jobs they job.

My health improved so much after leaving my place of work and finally retiring. It is well documented. Others can significantly impact you as an individual with emotions and your health. However, I am not retired as I work daily doing a variety of things each day.

Have you worked closely with someone who says, “I am not planning on staying here long; I am just doing this until I can find a different job.” Well, why are you here if you are not going to do your best and add value? If you already know you do not want to do this job and do not want to be here, do everyone a favor and skip it. It isn't enjoyable to work with others who do not want to be there. Do the best, be your best and help others as much as possible. Adding value to the work, we are doing each day leaves us feeling satisfied each day.

Today is a day you never get back. Why wouldn’t you want to make it as great as you can? Do what you love; love what you do! When I first started working, I was a babysitter. It was fun and fabulous. I have always loved kids! I then moved into working in a grocery store. This was a great job! I loved talking to people each week as they came in to get their weekly groceries. You would have your regular customers. I love people and talking to others. I am not sure if this holds in the world we live in today, but wouldn’t it be nice always to be looking to have positive conversations and interactions?

I had a few other odd jobs as I continued life and even worked for the medical corporation my doctor was working. We both agreed we needed more gratitude, helpfulness, empathy, and work to serve others better.

The thought for today is this leader: Listen for understanding to hear what is being said to us by those we serve. Sometimes it is not in the voices we hear but the whispers that echo to capture our attention. Not everyone is brave enough to say what is needed, but many will share whispers of the truths in conversations together or in other ways.

Express gratitude daily for the work being done and model the love of your work, especially with those you do it with each day.

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