Through the storms

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Each morning I rise wondering what will be the surprise?

No day will pass by without a moment not planned or scheduled to catch you off guard, shake you with its news, or stop you in your tracks. Not all days will be filled with faith-shaken scary times but can be moments filled with laughter, love, and lifting of spirits. It is those moments of negativity that continue to chip at us, along with our negative talk, which brings us to a standstill.

When you find yourself in those moments, reach out to a support system that can help you regain the courage you have always had to face these moments to overcome. The purpose, your why, and the direction of your journey is carved into your heart. There is not a single one of us who does not need a daily dose of “uplifting,” “motivation,” “inspiration,” and someone to tell us with sincerity, “you matter.”

Schedule time

Working today is much different than yesterday. The cycle of change is closing smaller and repeating at a faster rate. In addition to the rate of change, you can add in the many stresses in our corners of the world that directly impact who, how, what, where, and when in our work worlds.

  • Who- No matter who you are in the work world, you are directly impacted. (Education, Business, Industry, Commercial) Everyone in the working world finds themselves struggling and balancing. Find in your schedule to start the day five minutes and end the day five minutes alone. During this time, close your eyes and focus on breathing. Clear your mind. I have used ocean waves as the noise I listen to during this time. Maybe you would like rain, birds chirping or classical music. Sometimes I prefer silence if I can find the right spot.
  • How- The effects of policy changes, Covid-19, inflation, and many other issues facing our country; determine the reaction time for our products. One example: We own a small electric motor shop. My husband is a one-person small business owner. A company needed a motor. He called our supplier. Getting this replacement motor will take 23 months. What? How can businesses continue? Another example: A former student of mine has relocated to Florida with her husband and five children. She needed assistance with back to school. She needed my help. My phrase is Be part of the Solution! I ordered back-to-school supplies for the family to pick up she had selected online. I will not mention the company. The order pickup was delayed by hours, no one would pick up the phone, and a message came back on my email stating they were out of several things. A precious book bag is one item. (An idea for schools is to create a “Back school shopping night” to accompany your back-to-school open house. This would provide families with opportunities to get the right supplies and to help with all of this confusion. It Helps to keep it centralized, and you can work with your community businesses to come in to sell or donate.) (I hope others have ideas for different situations, there are solutions to every problem.)
  • What- All of the noise from the outside world trickles into the work environment, and the pressures of the work environment can collide at times with life. Stress can seem to be closing in on us as the walls get closer. A strong support team is needed to help with the “what” in our lives. If you do not have one established, please work to select one. Message me if you need help! There are no hidden costs.
  • Where- You never know where the stress will hit you, and it is enough. If you have experienced a moment like this, you know what I mean. “It is the straw that broke the camel's back.” “The fine line that was crossed.” Your entire body is engulfed. If you were in a boxing ring, it would have been a (KO) knock-out. This is when you look for the nearest exit to find a place hidden from everyone else until you can regain your bearings. Then you contact a support person to help talk you through this situation.
  • When- Finally, you face it with the courage you have always had. The process is repeated several times as we face stressors daily. It is when we have the tools, resources, and strategies to meet them as we continue to move forward.


What can you add to the list?

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