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Posted by Brenda Yoho

Living with principles in confusing times……..

The new year came in January, and now we are facing forward in February, deciding what to prioritize, sorting out options, and choosing directions. Facing February can bring conflicting pressures when we are still focused on things from yesterday and not sure of what is happening in our corner of the world.

Our need for clarity to plan for tomorrow is very high. It also helps us to have a little guidance with guidelines and goals. In order to get to establish goals we need to push away the negative thoughts, those who add confusion and uncertainty to our lives. If we try to take on everything, we will fail at everything. However, if we focus on specifics, the path forward becomes more apparent.

Living in the world today, we will always find complications, barriers, and challenges. These things will question our thoughts, thinking, values, and choices. It is those who know the principles, core values, and beliefs they have which will provide the foundation to stand firm on.

Identify your principles

Principles are the foundation for a system of behavior and reasoning and, most important a standard of belief. Leadership principles are the common denominator in your organization. Principles influence how leaders show up daily and how others react to their leadership style.

  • Be authentic—There is only one you. Do not try to be someone else. When you try to copy someone else, you miss out on the originality.
  • Be defined by your purpose—Know what you do and why you do it.
  • Core values are visible—Trust, Empathy, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Honesty….
  • It knows who you serve—Recognizing and placing value in others.
  • Communication and Collaboration—Maintaining clear and concise open communication with promoting collaboration.
  • Actively listen—Listen to all and ensure all voices are heard.
  • Take responsibility—When you make a mistake, take responsibility and apologize. If a team member makes an error, take responsibility and support the team. Talk with the team after and do what is needed to correct the mistake.
  • Continuous growth—Keeping an open mind, always learning, innovative, creative, and networking

Our life will always present our challenges, barriers, and choices. It is in our choices we find the path we take. As we travel the path, more opportunities are provided for choices as our thoughts are challenged, and our core values keep our footing so we stand firm. Focusing on our principles keeps us doing what’s right and helps us shine bright. Keep being the solution in a world that needs you.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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