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Posted by Brenda Yoho

When a quote is presented to you, do you read it only? Do you scroll past the quote without a thought? What captures you to engage with a thought?

My husband had told me this quote several times before, and we discussed it again after I read a post on Twitter from @AdamMGrant

“Working when you’re sick is not a symbol of commitment. It’s a symptom of a sick culture. In toxic workplaces, rest is a sign of weakness. You're expected to sacrifice yourself for your job. In healthy cultures, rest is a source of strength. Wellness is vital to doing your job.”- @AdamMGrant

How are these two quotes, thoughts, or ideas connected? I connected them because I think they are generational.

If we look at our historical timelines and connect them with society changes, along with all of the other data points to compare (health, economy, employment, population, etc.), we will find the layers.

In the generation of World War II, you will find individuals who would push forward to get the job done. They refer to this as commitment, responsibility, and dedication to serving. Hard times with strong men!

Compare the environments of each generation and reflection on these two quotes. Do we find any comparisons and value in what is stated? Do they correlate? What kind of times are we experiencing at this time?

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