Thinking-we all need to see it

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

Colossians 3:12

Thinking is what we need more of today! In whatever job you go into, you need to problem solve, think critically, and make connections between different areas. There is not just one way to believe, but many ways. When looking at a problem, we need to see the different ways we have to think to solve it.

Yesterday I posted a quote. It makes you stop to think about how you listen and speak. Do you have those eager to talk to you because you listen? Do you have others who always want to hear what you have to say? Do you think about what you say and hear?

As you move through your day, pause to see and watch; what are people thinking? Can you see thinking? How do you know? What does it look like? Would you be able to describe it? What are you thinking now?

The world moves in many different directions and at a swift pace. I think at times, so fast, we do not give enough time to the process of thought. If we are allowing time to think through issues, looking at all of the possible solutions, and asking all of the questions, it will take time to find the correct answer. If we do not allow the time for thought, mistakes will be made, opportunities lost, discoveries missed, and ideas overlooked.

Take some time to think about these questions and discuss them with your group. See what you come up with and share some thoughts for all of us to ponder.

  • Cancer is a broad subject area. I just finished my radiation treatments, and during my time, I found myself thinking about many things. My first thought was about how many people have died of cancer, fought the battle and won, survived one cancer, and then it returned. We donate money to continue to support cancer research and finding a cure. Has there been any cancer that has been cured? What is the progress with curing cancer?
  • Daily driving to my treatments made me realize how much construction and road repairs are needed and being completed. How do they go about determining this road construction? Why are so many roads torn up at the same time? Can’t they focus on one area and complete a job before moving on? Have they worked on creating a better formula for the materials used for the roads, so it does not break down so fast?
  • Help wanted signs with advertising sign-on bonuses made me pause to think. What is happening? We have teacher shortages, soon principal shortages, no one to work in the restaurants, nursing shortages, and the list contiues. Are people choosing not to work, not working because of the vaccine, or something else?
  • I was thinking about the future. My thoughts and thinking are about what are the things I can do today to help the future be brighter for others—sharing my thoughts, sparking possible solutions, adding value to others, and inspiring all to bring all of the opening quotes to everything they do.

Listen, speak, love and spark the qualities for great thinking!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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