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Posted by Brenda Yoho

Have you experienced a setback? A situation where you feel overwhelmed, trapped, or defeated? This can stop you in your path. You can find yourself frozen in place.

Setbacks are experiences. These are opportunities to learn. These experiences may feel traumatic to us. However, it does not negate the accomplishments and successes we have achieved. It also does not reflect the challenges we have faced and overcome. We have the future still to create as we are the artist in charge of the canvas we are painting.

The choices we make will determine whether the setback confines or defines us. It allows the movement forward to achieve with experience and learning. The choice we make from the setback can confine us by limiting our actions by the doubts we have and the loss of confidence.

In our lives and careers, we will experience occasional setbacks. Our interactions with others, various agendas, and other factors we may have little control over can cause issues. These can generate reactions from disappointment, frustration, embarrassment, anger, humiliation, and hopelessness. Emotions can make it difficult to regain our balance to guide us in deciding our next steps. Fortunately, there are strategies to help us in these situations that can be implemented to help us choose to thrive after a setback.


  • Time and space: When emotions are high, give yourself time to reflect and space to gain perspective before you react.
  • Network: As a leader, seek out others in the network you trust for advice. Mentors are an excellent source of support. Building a network is always a critical structure to build.
  • Release: Anxiety and stress need to be released before good choices and decisions can be made. Take time to exercise, meet with family and friends, and have fun social time!
  • Seek First to Understand- Covey states it best! Look at the situation, seek others' input, and follow up with discussions and all insights. Knowing all the signs and components can help with learning and future choices/decisions.
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