The value of engagement to success

Posted by Brenda Yoho

“Those who find true purpose in the workplace and who are committed to their work and those they work with, ”according to author Robertson Hunter Stewart, are engaged employees. In his book One to One: Managing Quality Time with individuals for engagement and success, he explains his ideas on implementing a framework to meet with successfully all employees one to one.

“Having scanned the majority of the information and statistics currently available on this subject (as of June 2020), recognition and appreciation are the two factors which appear to have the most impact on improving employee engagement.”-One to One, Robertson Hunter Stewart

Leaders and managers face many complex challenges as the global pandemic changed the “ how” we do things and even “where” we do it in some situations. Creativity, innovation, and lots of flexibility provided us with new ways that may stay.

An important factor we know to have success is building a solid foundation. I love the story of the Three Little Pigs! The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, written by A. Wolf, is a fun read with a different view. Let's not forget The Fourth Little Pig either! Building their homes, they each had their ideas until the wolf showed up and blew their dream home away. I believe employees feel like this as well. They picture their work to be a second home. They want to feel safe, trust, comfortable, and eager to be part of the family. How can we help employees? What steps can we take to improve? Working to build strong relationships is a priority.

Invest time to build relationships. Also, we offer a clear communication plan involving a clear, concise, and consistent message. Listening is the best form of engagement communication. Active listening, where individuals know you hear what they are saying-provides a bridge to action steps to success. This validates individuals and recognizes them as an essential part of the team.

In the book One to One, you will find how to conduct a one-to-one meeting, and I am providing a link to his website that contains short video clips to assist you.

There are many tools and resources to help in your success. Every day is another opportunity to make a difference; you have to decide what kind of difference it will be. Thank you for being part of the solution daily.


I am known as the Hallmark, Pollyanna, and on my best days, Oprah! I love to give things away. So when you put all of this together, I believe it equals FUN! Fantastic, Unique, Needs! Employees have them and need these things. Like a packet of flower seeds to tell them, “Thank you for planting seeds to help us grow this week with your ideas!” Change the wording, but you get it. Here is a link for more ideas!

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