The Artifact Bag

The Artifact Bag is a great activity to do as you introduce yourself to new staff, reconnect with the team or a fun way to get to know each other a little better.

Each table receives a bag with items and a clue sheet. They have an allotted amount of time to go through the articles and discuss what each item represents about the individual.

Then one group at a time will give their results to one item at a time. After the groups disclose their responses to one item, you provide the correct response to the item in question.

I have recorded my short version of the Artifact Bag. Before you watch it, if you want to try, take your guesses now. I will provide a little descriptions on a few items because you do not have them to look at.
  • States with ❤️ (Illinois, New York, Virginia)=
  • Fishing Pole=
  • #3 Green Fish=
  • Cheese=
  • Tomato =
  • Ice cream cone =
  • Ship=
I have created presentation slides with the directions for the Artifact game and then revealed the correct answers. I can send it to you if you email me
"I only have 2 rules!"
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