Thank you Dad!

Posted by Brenda Yoho

I look out our back window and I can see all of the pine trees we planted as we first moved to this home. We planted all of the trees 30 years ago. It is amazing to see how much growth they have had and all of the memories shared in this little corner of the world we call home.

To all of the Dad’s we thank you for the memories you have provided and the way you have shaped those over time. All of the work, love and care will be shared for generations to come. Dad’s and Mom’s are important parts of a great team in building a foundation for the family! Happy Father’s Day!

Just a few of the pine trees are on the back side of our property. Right behind the trees, the county preserve begins. We enjoy deer, eagles, owls, pheasants, rabbits, and other animals that find their way to visit.
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