Student and Teacher Motivation-Different?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Please take a look at the information gathered by EdWeek as they share it in chart form for easy comparison.

Survey data show significant differences in student and teacher motivation. — Read on

Motivation seems to be a driving force for teaching and learning. We have lots of data and information to share about motivation, but is it the only thing to worry about with teaching and learning? No, we know this, but motivation is an important part of teaching and learning. If we are not motivated, we are most likely not to be fully engaged.

“Perhaps the starkest difference between 13- to 19-year-olds and educators: Thirty-eight percent of students said that as of 2023, the pandemic had made them less motivated to do their best in school. But a whopping 80 percent of educators said that the pandemic had made students less motivated.”

In addition, the question about misbehaving provided additional data for us to consider.

Then if you continue to look at the different responses, you will find answers similar to the data we have collected. Students want opportunities to redo work which they failed. They want opportunities to improve and to show they have learned the content presented. I do not believe it is the mindset that everyone gets a trophy, but instead, everyone is gaining the foundational content they need.

In addition, you see students wanting specific feedback on what to do to improve, choice in learning, some humor, and fun. They would like to have hands-on learning, field trips, and connect to the real world and careers. We know this; we have heard this; why are we not doing this?

The answer is mandates, funding, and fear of breaking the mold of what has always been done. Please be the one, the few, or the many who recognize it is time to change how we are doing to identify what individuals need to achieve the why in teaching and learning.

Take the lead from this survey and ask your staff their thoughts. What about asking your students? When you know the study results, what do you do next?

I love asking questions and more questions. It is when you continue to seek to understand solutions reveal themselves. The complete focus on academics misses very critical needs. Until we can address the essential requirements, changes in the academic data will not be achieved. Just look at our current academic performance.

As always, I welcome thoughts, suggestions, feedback, and ideas to share. We are all working to be part of the solution daily.

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