Strength and Dignity

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Have you ever had a time when you were so tired and weak? Do you struggle each day to get up and go, to continue to put on the smile to get your job done? If you have felt that way, then you are not alone.

Many individuals do a great job of masking their feelings. They hide emotions well and can “fake” their way through the day. Practice like this is not healthy for anyone, but it happens daily.

You can make it through the storm you may be in today. There is no time limit set for the storms we have; I will tell you I had one last over three years until I resigned. A new door opens, and your purpose continues. Embrace today’s grace. Refuse to drag the heavy baggage and memories of the past another step. Let go, and let God.

I do not judge others and their actions; it is not for me to make or for you. Instead grab hold of today’s mercy, grace and power offered right now. No matter what comes our way-the fear of days unknown to us with health and finances. Remember this: This is not the end of my story, it is not the worst of it either and there will be more to come. I will face those days with God as my guide, clothed in strength and dignity, and a smile.

If I have not mentioned this before, writing a book is a great deal of work if you want to ensure the message you provide is clear and reaches the right audience to help them. I have had breaks because of health issues, but I have a great editor who keeps me on track. Thanks, Kate!

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