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Posted by Brenda Yoho

Two books were given away this week! Jon Gordon and Alex Demczak are the authors of The Sale. If you have not had a chance, please pick up your copy today. The book has four lessons on integrity—a great book for individuals, managers, leaders and teams. I shared with two great school leaders! They can read, grow and share!

Ms. Lindsey Prunkard is the current principal at South View Upper Elementary, Danville, Illinois. She has served education in many roles over the past years and will continue to grow in her leadership. I was blessed to be part of watching her grow, and I am happy to continue to support her. Her love for what she does is shown in her smile and her why is always on display.

Ms. Angelique Simon is the current principal of Liberty Elementary, Danville, Illinois. She has served in education for many years with a passion for always wanting to know more. I first met her as she was assigned to be my intern as I had just been transferred to the middle school principal position. We learned together about the staff, students, families, and community. She helped lead the changes in culture, diversity, and our approaches. Ms. Simon learned about the Two Rule philosophy and how it is applied.

The Sale

It is important to me to continue to support leaders who continue to serve others. The actions we take speak louder than the words we speak, helping others develop the tools they need to continue to influence and guide others. Integrity and trust are the focus of the lessons in the new book. These are critical foundational skills for every team, organization, and individual.

Jon Gordon's books never disappoint, and I encourage everyone to read them when they have an opportunity. More books to give away this week! Do you want to receive one?

"I only have 2 rules!"
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