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Give your school staff more than inspiration.  Give them a proven path to their best year yet with Brenda's Two Rules system

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Bringing more than 25 years of educational experience to the table, Brenda Yoho has an incredibly compelling and impactful message to share:

This life changing method requires only two rules.  And she has the track record to prove it.

Who My Inspirational Talks Are For...

For Students
For Teachers & Staff
For The Community

Students: (K-12)

The presentations can be adjusted to the levels of the audience. Custom made presentations are possible to meet the needs of the schools. Let’s talk about what you need.


In this talk, students will hear how they have so much power they do not realize they have. They will be introduced to characters through stories of how saying, doing, and making a choice changed something. 

We can choose to be part of the problem or solution. We have the power to make choices each day, which have the power to change today, tomorrow, the future, and most importantly, life. Could it be your life or someone else?

Bee Proud, Stan Tall:

There is always a buzz going around at school. What is the buzz today? You know the hot topic, rumors, who are we making fun of or mad at? 

They have created movies and written books about the Queen Bees or Mean Girls, the Big Bully Boys. But we do not hear much about the Stan’s of the schools. 

You know, the ones who stand up to the unkindness of those doing hurtful things to others. Why? Because there are few, they do not want the attention brought to them, so they become the target. 

Let’s talk about what we can do to be Stan’s today and every day.

Why do I have to:

Each day you come to school and you wonder, why do I have to? I love questions! This is a great one to ask. Why do you need to go to school? Can I share a story from my life to tell you why I went to school?

Ask yourself some questions:
What do you like to do?
Did you have to learn anything to be able to do it?
What would you like to do as a job?
What will you need to know about to do this job?
Do you have to learn any skills?

Students will leave this session with thoughts of knowing their “why” in learning, discovering a purpose and identifying what it means to be the leader of their educational journey.

Introducing Two Rules:

Talking to students about having only Two Rules: Everyone will feel good and feel safe as they enter the doors of your school. How can you we do this?  

We begin by asking ourselves questions.  We each have the power of choice and can decide what we will do.  

Will we be part of the problem or part of the solution?  Students will learn about choice, self-regulation and the power of choice.

Staff: (K-12)

Presentations can be customized to meet the needs of the district/school.

How do we see:

(Staff will need to do a pre-workshop prior to joining a large group discussion.) Now that you have worked together to understand how you see your students, raise your hand if you were surprised.  

Raise your hand if you were not.  Do you think students know how you see them? This talk will take a deeper dive into our biases, how we set standards, expectations and reach success.

Let’s not dance:

An interactive talk with staff using music to talk about discipline in the classroom.  

Having classroom management is an important part of our learning community. 

This talk will help teachers look at managing classrooms by having a fun time in learning the do’s and don’ts.

Essential Pieces:

A motivational talk about the “why” as teachers, teaching assistants, and all staff learn how they are the essential pieces in the puzzle of school life for the children they serve. 

Learning to look at the whole puzzle with one piece missing leaves a hole which cannot be filled by just anyone. Staff will discover they are the trusted adults in the lives of many.

Two Rules:

Introduction to staff on how to implement Two Rules and utilize techniques in the classroom to support the philosophy.  

Staff will learn the how, why, when and what to do as they work to be consistent each day. The five core competencies will be covered and how each will be worked on without adding to their workloads. 

Teachers do not need one more thing to do.


Presentations can be customized to meet the needs of the district/school.

Two Rules:

Helping the families and communities know about the Two Rules and what they mean.  Learning how to help support, collaborate and be involved with working together on the core mission. 

All students will feel good and feel safe.  We will have students working through the issues they face by problem solving, learning to take responsibility for choices they make and accountability.  

Families will hear examples of how process work and how students will discover self-regulation, along with the five core competencies.

Stand Up:

Families will hear about the importance of helping children understand bullying and how we can all work together to stop it.  Tips to watch for and what to do if their child is experiencing bullying.  

What if their child is the bully? What can everyone do to work to stop bullying from continuing to exist? We cannot control the choices of others, but can control how we respond.

How do I help my child?

Families always ask, “How can I help my child?” What is the answer we provide? It often varies depending on the needs of each individual child.

Families are faced with the reality of having to work multiple jobs, juggling work, sleep and keeping up with household chores, and no time for anything else.  

The question should be, “How can we help each other help our children?” This talk will provide some answers.

How do I talk to my child?

How was school today? “Fine.” What did you learn today? “I don’t know.” Did you have fun on the field trip today? “Yep.”  

The conversations we have with our children can be very short and not a lot of details are provided. It does not seem to matter who old they are. It may be worse for those teen years.

 Let’s talk about creative ways to have conversations which will provide a better experience for both.
"I only have 2 rules!"
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