Solutions Weekly December 12-18, 2021

Posted by Brenda Yoho
December 12-18, 2021

Each Day Counts- how do you count them?

Every day is a gift, unwrap them with your “why” and “gratitude.” -Brenda Yoho In each day you will find what you seek. The time clicks, tics and flies by, but it is in how we choose to fill, remember and remind ourselves to appreciate all they bring.

Compliance or Commitment Leadership

Effective leadership is comprised of many elements, one is a strong sense of purpose. There are many rules and regulations in which we have to comply to meet the standards and requirements. However, do we want our staff and students to check the box of compliance in our purpose of teaching and learning? I think the solution to being a school of compliance and just getting by is to turn up the heat to move to commitment. We will discuss more this week.

Do you know me?

How much do you know about the students you teach? The families you serve? Your co-workers you see each day? How about your neighbors, community, or the agencies providing service to others?

Can you make a plan for the New Year to get to know others better? Each year I refuse to make a New Year's resolution because I can never keep them! Instead, I select One Word for the year. My word for this year is commitment. This word can mean a lot to many people and the depth of it is real to me. I am committing to myself and I hope I can count on all who read my words can support this commitment, as it has to do with you as well. What is your one word?

The end is near

For 2021

What else is it the end for? I am not sure. I can not seem to find anything we are ending. So as the 2021 year winds down, take some time to reflect. What went well, are there things you did you want to continue? Now, what are some things you want to change? One thing I know we need to do is to finish this year strong as we prepare to face 2022! We have achieved, overcome, and can do so much!

Personal Fun

My family and my friends never know what to expect from me. I love Christmas! It is my favorite holiday! I shop all of the time for Christmas and give gifts to others all the time. No, I am not rich like the people on TV. I shop all of my favorite clearance places. If it is a great buy, I buy it. I store it in my attic and wait to find the right person it matches! When you can buy necklaces for a dollar you buy them all. Socks for .10 cents why not.

Since I have retired I have depleted my gifts and since Covid, I have not been able to enjoy the clearance shopping. I think clearance misses me! So back to the real reason I am telling you this story!

My grandchildren will be enjoying the “We wish you a Merry Christmas” Game Show! Yes! I have written game questions, wrapped their gifts, and numbered them and it will be so much fun! I will show you the before and after pictures. Last year I built them each a snowman with their gifts. I will share those pictures too!

It's starting to look a lot like Christmas!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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