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Posted by Brenda Yoho
October 17-23, 2021

Welcome to a great start to a beautiful week! Keep this motivational quote where you can see it this week! Your daily routines can help you discover new ideas, achieve goals and create new ones! Take the step to track your habits this week to see how they are helping you achieve your dreams. Maybe you will find some new goals to set! It will be a great week!

Monday motivation helps moments turn into memorable memories!

“A sense of curiosity is nature’s original school of education.”

-Smiley Blanton

Teaching Tip

As students enter our classrooms, we hope they will be ready and engaged in learning. Academic success is the outcome we want for each student in our classroom, but we know it can not be just our want.

Students need to have a foundation of academic skills, a character of perseverance, and a sense of curiosity. As I make a statement like this, what do you do to spark curiosity in your classroom?

Did you know that research shows “brain chemistry” actually changes when we become curious? A change in our brains has an impact on how we learn and remember information. So we need to pay attention to research to provide the best learning environments.

Tip #1 for helping to build curiosity in the classroom is:

Let's not start our lessons by telling everything! “Today we are going to learn how to make water!” or “Today we are going to combine some elements and see what happens!”

Making objectives like this helps to keep students curious about what will be happening. In your lesson plan, you have stated the goal: students will learn that hydrogen and oxygen make water, but if we tell them upfront, then the excitement is lost.


Which comes first, wisdom or knowledge? Wisdom is built on knowledge. So does that mean you can be both wise and knowledgeable? Then you can't be wise without being knowledgeable. What do you think?


Make people feel important who work for you, with you, or come in contact with you. Leadership is about motivating others. Show genuine concern for and interest in the lives of your team members, as well as those you serve. Thank them for a job well done – even if it’s a small job. Validation, respect, and compassion let your team know you appreciate them. I took time to explore comments made on a Twitter feed from a question posed to a teaching group. The question was: What else can be done to help stop the rapid burnout for teachers? Covid is responsible for the changes of instruction, shutdowns, mandates imposed by the government, but it was not part of all the answers given. The responses were to: Give us more support, value us, show us compassion for our losses, and it continued with similar statements. What can you do to help your staff or coworkers?

Many blessings to you this week! I look forward to your comments, questions, ideas, and thoughts. Conversations are shared to bring about possibilities of new ideas, thoughts, and solutions to problems. During my time away, I lost a treasured member of my family, experienced a horrible call where I almost lost another member, but she is recovering now; thank you, God. I was able to spend time with other authors and friends to continue to learn and grow.

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