Solution Weekly: September 4-10, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Happy Labor Day!

I hope you enjoyed a fantastic extended weekend with family and friends. Lots of BBQs, ballgames, and an end to summer. Welcome to Fall! I have to say, it is my favorite time of year, but what follows I am not a big fan of until it comes to Christmas!

I was wrong!

We want to hear our leaders say those three words when they have made an error or mistake. There are many who will speak those words with ease and those who will dance around to avoid them. Well, I want to tell you I have been wrong. I look back over things I have stated and wording used. It is imperative to develop your language, so it expresses your points and positions clearly. Working with my editor, I am learning the importance of crafting your words so they give enough details; readers understand clearly the position, points, and foundation you are establishing.

In the past, I have talked a great deal about accepting changes and being open to new ideas. I still believe this is true, but I need to add more to this statement. Change and new ideas can not conflict with the beliefs, values, and core principles you have established. We can discuss more but reflect on what this means until Thursday.

Good Enough

As a Nation, we have faced many challenges and overcome many obstacles. Throughout history I have been amazed by the many stories of courageous men and women who have exceeded expectations. I have been blessed to meet individuals who have survived being captured as a prisoner of war, a woman who survived the Holocaust to teach me lessons, and those who have survived trauma words could not describe. A poem written by Charle Osgood called Pretty Good is something I have shared before, but something I feel we should look at again as we have a “quiet quitting” going on right now.

How to help Motivate?

I try to think of different ways to keep others motivated and connected. I sometimes feel disconnected, unmotivated, and need a little help myself. So I will start some things myself this next week, and I will share.

Have a great week as we “Fall” into a season of friendships, fun, food, and fantastic blessings!

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