Solution Weekly: September 25 - October 1, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Understanding Self

Have you ever taken a personality test? Maybe you have participated in a workshop where they have worked on personality traits and divided you into groups. It can be fun to reveal to yourself some things maybe you didn’t know, or perhaps you did know. Let’s find out this week!


I want to continue to stay on the subject of connecting and communicating. I do not know about you, but I really feel out of touch sometimes and I know it is because life is busy! The clock keeps ticking, and everybody is alive! How can we connect and communicate better?

Watch your step!

Decisions, Decisions, and Decisions. Choices, Choices, and Choices. How are you at watching your step when making a decision and a choice? Do you sometimes step into a mess or step out of one? There seems to be a great deal to think about when you make a decision. What are the steps you utilize to make them?

Windshield, Rearview, Handheld-Which do you use?

For the last decade of work, I had a longer commute to work. It was a great time to utilize on the way to prepare my mind for the day ahead, looking through the windshield at all the possibilities ahead. As my day completed, I could look back through the rearview mirror to leave behind issues I could handle tomorrow as I reminded myself of all we accomplished today and the work at home ahead. I rarely spent enough time holding the mirror to reflect on my needs for myself. Do you have a reflection time set aside?

Motivate, Engage, Inspire, and Hope

“Don’t wait for the day to bring sunshine, bring the sunshine to the day.”-Brenda Yoho, #Bethesolutiondaily

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