Solution Weekly-September 11-17, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Always Remember

9-11 is a day we will always remember and never forget. A day in which we can each place where we were, the sounds we heard, the images which will never be erased, and the noise of silence that chilled us. God Bless those who protect the U.S.A, who lost their lives that day, the families who felt the losses, and those who continue to serve our great Nation.

Humble Heart

Are humble hearts seen in the days we face? What does it mean to have a humble heart? Being honest with ourselves and others, expressing our gratitude and respect is the humble way. “I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.”-Martin Luther

Heart Song

The Australia’s regent honeyeater bird may be losing its song. Though once an abundant species, just three hundred birds now remain; and with so few others to learn from, the males are forgetting their unique song and failing to attract mates. Can we can loose our heartfelt songs as well?

The Gift of Time

Time is a precious thing given to you each day. You receive 24 hours in a day to choose to use in the way that will best serve who? We need our time to serve us for the needs we have, but not just our needs. What do we need to do with time? How much time do we have, we do not know. Some are given the beauty of many years and some just a few minutes. It is not in the length of time, but in the quality of the time provided along with the gifts the life brings.

Stamping to connect

Sometimes we forget the importance of communication with others. Texting is not the same and especially if your grandchildren do not all have phones. So, I have decided to begin a grandparent mail campaign to bring back good handwritten letters each week. I have some special little things to add to their letters and I will share a few things this week. I believe think we need to get back to some quality writing and some storytelling.

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